What about doing something special for your team, your family, your friend’s birthday or for no reason whatsoever?!

Looking for an original, surprising gift that lasts? Gift a wine tasting experience that you will remember!

I’d love to organize a wine & tapas event or a wine tasting for you! We can design it together and make it perfect for the occasion. 

Drop me a line at eleftheria@justwinelovers.com and we will make it happen!

Get inspired from our wine tasting themes below! 

#1 A journey around Italy through wine & food


We take you to a wine and culinary tour around the largest wine producing country with perhaps the most beloved cuisine in the world! I will select wines from different Italian wine regions and we will pair them with matching fingerfood from the same regions. They say, the best pairings come from the same soil. 


  • Focus on only one winemaking region e.g. Tuscany (= Chianti) or Veneto (=Amarone).
  • Focus on e.g.  only red wines

The sky is the limit :-)  Just drop me a word to let me know what you have in mind at eleftheria@justwinelovers.com

The same type of tasting we can do for France, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Argentina and so on.

#2 Discover & taste natural wines

organic vineyard

'Natural' has become the latest buzzword in wine. Natural wines are wines made with the least possible use of chemicals, additives and overly technological procedures.  Additives and technological manipulations of wine erase much of the individuality of the product and the place it comes from –the so called terroir. Natural wines include organic and biodynamic wines.  Read more: Things people like about Natural Wines

I will select natural wines that express different regions and winemaking methods. For example, some natural winemakers prefer to age their wine in amphoras (big ceramic vessels) like the ancient times. They believe that this way wine preserves its original character and it's closer to the earth. Others use concrete vats for the same reasons. Can you taste the difference? 

#3 Awesome wines you've never heard of

 amphoras to ferment and age wine in georgia.

amphoras to ferment and age wine in georgia.

Have you ever had wine from Thailand? What about India or Mexico? You will be surprised to know that these (and many more) regions you did not expect make some great unique wines! Are you ready to get flabbergasted? As always, matching finger food comes with!

#4 Wine & Oyster tasting


There is nothing more fresh than slurping oysters. The taste of the sea in one shell! We will taste oysters from different terroirs (regions) and we will pair them we great wines! And not just bubbles ;-) 

#5 Wine + Street Food

Something fun and laid back. Great wine paired with hot-dogs, burgers, Cuban sandwiches, Jamaican jerk chicken... and I can go on.